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why choose ssu

"ssu is very specific in its goals; we want to teach each operator and engineer on the assembly line, the best way to meet the roi demands of any placement machine, and the true value of tape splicing!"

Most companies spend weeks, if not months, choosing the best placement machine to carry them forward in making money on their assembly line(s). One of the things they so often forget, is what to do when the tape feeders run out of components. 

Tape splicing is still the least expensive way to handle this issue (and it should be addressed BEFORE the purchase). You no longer need to purchase extra feeders to load offline because we can teach you how to splice while the machine is running at full speed. This way you do not need to remove the feeder from the machine.

We can teach any operator how to use the newest tape splices that are completely toolless, 100% reliable, 100% repeatable, and 3-4 times faster than anything on the market (including automatic tape splicers) to apply.

Professor Splice, dean of SSU


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the dean, professor splice

After 38 years working in almost every aspect of sales/service in the electronics industry, and graduating with honors from the school of hard knocks, I felt it was time to give back to the industry that has been a very large part of my life. Many acquaintances have known for years who to call for advice on taping, tape feeding, and tape splicing. Now, through SSU, that knowledge is available to any of our students.


the philosophy of ssu

Our philosophy is very basic and straight forward, SSU was developed to take the burden of training off of management and engineers. Professor Splice has been teaching or training people in one capacity or another his entire personal life and professional career. Our parent company, Smart Splice, has been instrumental in showing many companies the benefits (and most of all value) of tape splicing. We feel now is the time to give back with free virtual training.

Rockwell Training

what can ssu do for you

Training can be done in minutes, not days or weeks like using the usual trial and error methods of the past. Through teaching the basics (class 101), best practices (class 102), and finally, virtual and/or live training on the assembly line, we can show you how splicing can make your production team more efficient and profitable.  Too often we hear companies say they don’t have time to switch to a new type of tape splice. So, we take the stress away from training your engineers and operators on the proper techniques of tape splicing.


You can stop by and meet the ‘Guru’ of tape splicing, Professor Splice, just like this young engineer from Florida did.

8/20/24 (10-3)

SMTA Long Island Expo & Tech Forum

Marriott Melville
Long Island  
Melville, NY

8/27/24 (10-3)

SMTA Michigan Expo & Tech Forum

Laurel Manor 
Livonia, MI

8/29/24 (10-3)

SMTA Ohio Valley Expo & Tech Forum

Embassy Suites Cleveland/Rockside    
Independence, OH

9/11-12/24 (9-6)

SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum

Expo Guadalajara
Salon Jalisco
Guadalajara, MX

10/22-24/24 (9-6)

SMTAI Conference & Expo

Donald Stephens
Convention Center
Rosemount, IL

11/12/24 (10-3)

SMTA Tampa Bay Expo & Tech Forum

Tampa, FL

11/14/24 (10-4)

SMTA Space Coast Expo & Tech Forum

Melbourne Auditorium
Melbourne, FL

12/5/24 (10-3)

SMTA Silicon Valley Expo & Tech Forum

Silicon Valley, CA

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